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AVANAK STUDIO is a Web Design Studio all around the world that creates websites for businesses with an original graphic approach


We offer a full range of services from graphic design through creating, developing and improving web site to create a site with subsequent maintenance and promotion


Russia, Yoshkar-Ola
st. Eshkinina 10 b. cab. 323
T: +7 (917) 700-45-37
North Hollywood, CA
T: (818) 929-9193

The staff of always strives to implement quality in their projects, regardless of the cost.

We are exploring new technologies in online marketing, improving our skills in web design and programming to offer customers a modern product that meets the highest standards of quality.

Our consciousness

In our studio there is no such thing as the cost of the first page design and sub-pages, for us there is no sub-pages in creating a Web site. Website Design - is a single project of the company which should be combined with the company and corporate identity.


We are always honest with our clients in the assessment of the project and its profitability. Often, we are losing a lot of potential customers because we speak the truth, but this is a style of work, which we adhere to and do not intend to deviate from.

Project timeline

The quest for speed and quantity - that is not our goal. We do not generate websites within days. Creating a web site for us is not the production process, but creative process. Rigid frame timing limit the process of a thorough study of all the elements of the site and details - this is the site itself.

Project cost

«"What is the cost of your services?" - A question that is asked by every client whom contacts us. Unfortunately there is no answer for this question. Each site development is priced based on complexity and preference of our clients. Some clients prefer simple websites and some prefer more complex.

After discussing the contract for website development or corporate identity, the price will be final and is not subject to revision.

Our feature

Based on our experience, most clients who decide to create a website for their business are excited and scared at the same time since they lack the experience of owning a website. Choosing the right studio to develop your site is extremely important. You need to find a company that you can trust and feel comfortable with. With our company you will always end up with a product that you will be proud of. графический дизайн.

Before signing a contract for the creation of corporate identity, logo design or online store, we always prepare a free concept of the future project, which you can assess visually and then make the decision to continue using our services.

Why do we do this?

Perhaps you have a question why we do this? Because we like to work, we love web design and are not afraid of difficulties. This method of operation will allow us to work with people who understand and appreciate the importance of our work for their business.

We value the customers who come back to our studio after seeing the design of the project and show that they appreciated our work and trust us to be part of their business’ destiny.


We are only focused on long-term business relationships, since our customers' success is our pay check.